Our company is present in the union of the smelting for more than four decades, under CIVIDONO's HNOS S.A. denomination  providing molds, noyos and ferroaleaciones.

With the course of the time our experience has allowed to develop technology necessary for the manufacture of redressed sands, amounts exotérmicos and PIREM S.A's creation.

PIREM S.A. has developed a wide scale of products for the industry of the smelting, and provides resins for the industry of abrasives, mineral wool, glass fiber, celluloses and industries of the construction, offering its international experience in the development and application of technologies, prioritizing the management of the quality and the commitment of the adequacy to environmental responsible procedure.

CIVIDONO HNOS. S.A. and PIREM S.A. has as mission achieve that the foundryman, has the tools necessary for the development of its activity.

Cementing agents; resins fenólicas, alquídicas, grazes mold, reinforced oils, silicates.
Refractory paintings.
Sands pre-redressed for process Shell
Amounts exotérmicos or insulating (muffs).
Noyos, rinds and molds.
Fluxes, desulfurantes, desgacificantes, desmoldantes, powders exotérmicos, ferroaleaciones, glues for noyos and molds, ceramic filters, and a varied scale of products.

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